We Make Investments that
Help Fuel Technologies of the Future

Lam Capital invests in innovative companies that are addressing some of today's most challenging, high-impact problems. From semiconductor subsystems to AI chips and Industry 4.0 technologies, we invest in and partner with startups that are disrupting their respective industries.

Investment Focus

We partner with and invest in disruptive companies that are making a big impact in the following areas:


Develop innovations that advance the semiconductor ecosystem

Industry 4.0

Advance systems engineering innovation to address next-generation industrial automation

Technology Extensions

Leverage our core skills and technology to create innovative products and new market opportunities


We invest in transformative technologies and the teams that realize it. Here are some of those companies:

Life Sciences


The mission of startup Antheia, Inc., is to make and fairly provide medicines to all who need them. The company combines founding intellectual property with world-leading expertise in synthetic biology, informatics, and fermentation technology to provide a stable and cost-competitive supply of plant-based medicines and to transform the discovery, manufacture, and distribution of medicines.
Life Sciences


EchoPixel is building a new world of patient care with its interactive, 3D medical visualization software. The True 3D system allows medical professionals to interact with patient-specific organs and tissue in an open 3D space emanating from a display, enabling doctors to immediately identify, evaluate, and dissect clinically significant structures.

Industry 4.0


Fabric8Labs is revolutionizing metal additive manufacturing with its advanced 3D printing technologies. The San Diego, CA based company is focused on accelerating metal additive manufacturing adoption and has developed an IP portfolio that addresses critical customer pain points, such as high cost of ownership, unreliable material properties, and manual post-processing. With patented processes that rapidly fabricate complex metal parts at the atomic level – Fabric8Labs is creating new applications for additive manufacturing in semiconductor packaging, electronics, medical, thermal management, and RF components.

Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0


Geminus.ai believes that predictive intelligence should inform and optimize every decision. The company unleashes the power of predictive intelligence by intersecting AI and physics with multi-fidelity modeling. Their novel, first-principles AI translates the constraints of the physical world inside resilient digital models. The company’s platform requires only sparse data to quickly analyze the behavior of complex industrial systems, and can precisely predict the impact of decisions that drive businesses forward.

Industry 4.0


Holo is driving mass adoption of metal additive manufacturing (AM) for volume production. Holo’s Pureform platform of proprietary hardware, materials and software produces high resolution geometries that cannot be made any other way and in any material that can be powderized and sintered, including pure copper, stainless steels and other metal alloys. By leveraging Pureform™ and the design freedom that AM offers, Holo enables customers across industries spanning semiconductor, high performance compute, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical to realize the complete benefits of AM in their products. Spun out of Autodesk in 2017, the company is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Life Sciences

Mission Bio

Mission Bio delivers targeted single-cell genomics solutions for high-impact applications with Tapestri, the Precision Genomics Platform. Tapestri is the industry’s first targeted single-cell DNA sequencing platform, enabling precise detection of heterogeneity in disease progression and treatment response. Application areas include blood cancers, solid tumors, and genome editing validation. The platform includes an instrument, consumables, and analysis software, which integrate seamlessly with existing NGS workflows. With Tapestri, researchers have a highly sensitive, targeted, and customizable solution to move precision medicine forward.

Spun out of research at the University of California, San Francisco, Mission Bio is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

Life Sciences


Omniome is developing a proprietary DNA sequencing platform capable of delivering unsurpassed sequencing accuracy. Backed by leading life sciences venture investors and a proven management team, Omniome’s vision is to be the most trusted DNA sequencing platform and leader in clinical sequencing.


Reno Subsystems

Reno Sub-Systems’ mission is to lead the semiconductor industry in developing radio frequency (RF) matching system/power generator and flow subsystem technologies to optimize process control for volume production. For 10 nm technology nodes and below, these products provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) differentiating performance on deposition and etch tools without requiring tool redesign. For device manufacturers, they provide an order-of-magnitude improvement in process control to enable manufacturing of leading-edge devices. Reno’s patented technologies enable the short process times necessary in plasma processes for both planar and 3D device architectures and facilitate “always on” plasma management, improving particle control, film properties, and cost efficiency.

Industry 4.0


VELO3D is transforming the analog supply chain to digital manufacturing. As the creator of the industry’s first SupportFree solution for 3D metal printing, their product suite is an end-to-end digital manufacturing solution for producing metal parts. With VELO3D Flow™ print preparation software, Sapphire® printer, and Assure™ quality assurance software, manufacturers can accelerate product innovation, become more agile and responsive to market needs, and reduce costs. The company is based in Silicon Valley and is privately funded.



xLight is the exponential light source powering the future of Moore’s Law. We are building an accelerator-based light source solution that enables a more economical and sustainable future of EUV lithography.

What we do

Our Investments

We focus on young companies involved in the semiconductor ecosystem, digital manufacturing, and other industries that leverage our core expertise to enable new products and markets. We invest at all stages and partner with both financial and corporate investors who share our interests.

Our Involvement

In addition to investing financially, we create value by offering operational expertise and access to our diverse pool of technology experts and our supply chain. Our goal is to partner with our portfolio companies and help them grow and scale by leveraging our global infrastructure.